Shameik Moore stars in netflix chrismtas film

Spider-Man:Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a revelation for many reasons, but even beyond the dazzling animation and deft storytelling, Shameik Moore’s vocal performance as Miles Morales stands out. From the film’s first moments, in which Miles mumbles along to “Sunflower,” Moore is magnetic. His voice exudes the kind of ease and relatability that other would-be leading men would kill for.

That charm is Let It Snow’s secret weapon. The movie, now on Netflix, falls neatly into the time-honored tradition of holiday-based ensemble romantic comedies (Love Actually, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve) as it follows a group of young adults and their respective romantic woes through the Christmas season.

Title: Shameik Moore stars in netflix chrismtas film
Category: Entertainment
Date: October 2019
Author: Nick Dearmun