Nic Fanciulli releases ‘star’

The Original Mix comes in straight away with a pumping, relentless technoid percussion loop and a rubbery bassline, and sounds great. There are strange percussive noises and a lot of idiosyncratic sounds in the mix, and it carries on like this until the introduction of the Rose Royce vocal sample,which is the icing on a very tasty cake and will take the roof off when played to the right audience on a packed dancefloor. They haven’t milked the sample by overplaying it, either, so it’s complimentary as opposed to overdone - the focus is still on the excellent backbeat. The proof of the pudding, so to speak, is in the Dub, which really focuses on that excellent backbeat and lets the programming shine through, while just using the ‘I’m wishing on a star’ part of the sample and not the rest.

Title: Nic Fanciulli releases ‘star’
Category: Music
Date: September 2018