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Lost is the latest single released from the duo’s upcoming second album, the track features standout vocals from critically acclaimed London-based soul singer Frida Touray as well as guitar duties covered by one of the biggest names on London’s alt-jazz scene Tom Misch. The track utilises breakbeat samples and strangely haunting melodies to create a piece of music that stands out on the record as an ethereal and uplifting new cut from a record that spans genres and dives down musical rabbit holes.


On collaborating with the duo, Tom Misch said; "Goldie hit me up and asked if I wanted to make some music together... I was up for trying something, curious as to what we would make! He sent me some drums and I started messing around with some pad sounds on my prophet 5. I added some more layers, a bit of guitar and sent it back to him and he dug it!"


Working on the track Frida Touray explained; "It was an amazing experience getting to record this track with Goldie. There's a real passion in the track and lyrics that Goldie wrote that spoke to me and I'm so happy I was asked to sing and interpret that sentiment freely."