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subjective ft. Lameduza

SUBJECTIVE release brand new album track ‘BREAKOUT feat. LAMEDUZA’ taken from their their upcoming brand new album ‘THE START OF NO REGRET’ which drops MAY 20TH on Three Six Zero Recordings.

‘Breakout’, leading with a bouncing 90s rave piano line and pulling in mesmerizing vocals from soul singer LaMeduza, surges towards the sunlight and lifts the listener higher and higher throughout its 4 minute runtime. Set to be a live favourite, the track stands out on the record as a nostalgic nod to a previous decade but as with the entire album, incorporates modern influences and techniques to keep it very much future facing.

On the track Goldie commented; “I always had this idea of ‘Breakout’ being a rave anthem from the 90’s that had all of a sudden grown up. Instead of it being one hook, it’s got two verses , two bridges and two choruses. I love the tune, it’s a rave anthem that signifies all that a great rave track is about. Fantastic vocals by the amazing Krizia. ‘Breakout’ is all about that festival vibe, sunlight, going out with your friends and hearing a vocal that you really love and treasure.”


With James adding; “I’ve always wanted to do a rave piano track like breakout and this was the perfect time to do it with the amazing LaMeduza on board.”

The album, which features some incredibly exciting and varied names including nu-jazz staple Tom Misch on ‘Lost’ (A listed BBC 6Music), south London up-and-comer Greentea Peng on 'Dark' and American jazz & soul vocalist Lady Blackbird on ‘Sunlight’; showing off both the rich history and calibre of Goldie and James Davidson’s individually but also how they can create something together that’s so cohesive and forward thinking. 

The sound the duo have been able to create is also partly due to their geographical locations over the past 18 months, bouncing ideas between Davidson’s studio in Bournemouth on the south coast and Goldie’s house in Phuket, Thailand; showing two songwriters and producers at the top of their game responding to a year and a half in very different atmospheres but similar trying circumstances.